Vol. 28, Issue 3,December, 2006

Table of Contents


1. HOPE inNepalese hospitals
P. Vaidya

Original Articles

3. Effectiveness of health insurance and its impact on rural health development
K. P. Rosyara, U. Acharya, P. K. Khadka
10. Vaginal and rectalmisoprostol for first trimester termination of pregnancy
P. R. Pant, J. Sharma, R. Shrestha
13. Prophylactic leg wrapping in elective cesarean section under bupivacain spinal anesthesia
S. A. Sharma, P. N. Prasad, M. N. Marhattha, M. P. Gupta
19. Multidrug resistance and extended spectrumbetalactamase producing strains causing
B. M. Pokhrel, J. Koirala, S. K. Mishra, R. K. Dahal, P. Khadga N. R. Tuladhar
28. Bacteriological study of upper respiratory tract infection in pediatric patients
A. Shrestha, J. B. Sherchand, P. R. Sharma, D. R. Bhatta
32. Audit on the quality of discharge summary inTUTeachingHospital
R. B. Pradhananga, R. P. S. Guragain
35. Ambiguous pricing of Nepalesemedicines
P. R. Shankar, P. Subish, P. Mishra, M. Lalit
39. Study of risk factors for human Immunodeficiency virus transmission among
B. Acharya, K. U. Dhungel, J. M. Easow, Y. I. Singh

review articles

42. Gastric cancer: diagnosis and treatment options
M. L. Shrestha

case reports

50. Agenesis of left lobe of liver – a rarity creating a diagnostic confusion in patient with
R. S. Bhandari, P. J. Lakhey, M. L. Shrestha, M. Khakurel
53. Gall bladder tuberculosis: a rare entity
P. Lakhey, M. L. Shrestha, G. Sayami, M. P. Khakurel
55. An association of inguinal and pelvic hernia
A. Rana, G. Gurung, P. Mishra
Ureteric complications following renal transplantation: An eight years experience
firstname1 lastname

Drug Review

57. Tramadol
D. K. Upadhyay, S. Palaian, P. V. Kishore, R. Paudel,M. Prabhu, P. R. Shankar, P.Mishra

Book review

62. How to investigate the use ofmedicines by consumers
P. R. Shankar

Literature review

63. Introduction toDOTS strategy and the safety profile of first line antitubercular drugs- a
A. K Chhetri, S. Palaian, P. Mishra, A. Saha, P. R. Shankar