Vol 33. Issue 2. August 2011

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Continuous education for physicians
Dr.Ramesh Kant Adhikari

Original Articles

Ectopic pregnancy in Nepalgunj Medical College
P Sharma, B P Sing B Shrestha
Prevalence of nosocomial lower respiratory tract infections caused by Multi- drug resistance pathologens
Shrestha S, Chaudhari R, Karmacharya S, Mishra SK Dahal RK, Bam N, Banjade N, Ri Sherchand JB, , Ohara H , Koirala J, Pokhrel BM
Reference values for Doppler velocimetric indices from the fetal and placental ends of the umbilical artery in uncomplicated third trimester pregnancy
Paudel S, Kayastha P Lohani B, Gurung G
Comparison of hearing results between the averages of three and four speech frequencies in Type 3 Tympanoplasty
Shrestha BL Gurung U Bhattarai H
Physiotherapy awareness among clinical doctors in Nepal
Acharya R S, Khadgi B, Shakya N R, Adhikari S P, Basnet SMS, Sharma S Webb G, Saleh Oraibi S.
Clinical profile and outcome of babies admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Gauchan E, Basnet S Koirala D P, Rao K S

case reports

Evaluation of urinary fistula after Radical hysterectomy
Singh M, Jha R, Pant PR Ojha N, Koirala P, Shrestha V
Molecular characterization of rabies virus of Nepal
Pant G R Bhatta D R