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Vol 36, issue 3, december 2014 Comparison Between Hydroplasty and Intra-Articular Steroid Injection in Treatment of Idiopathic Frozen Shoulder Details   PDF
Dhungana DP, Lamichhane AP, Mahara DP
Vol29, Issue 1, April 2007 Comparison between the conventional methods and Glasgow Benefit Plot in evaluating subjective hearing results after myringoplasty Details   PDF
P. Rayamajhi, H. Bhattarai, B. K. Sinha, R. P. Shrivastav
Vol. 37, Issue 1,April 2015 Comparison in Total Sialic acid levels between control and cancer patients visiting Teaching hospital, as a basis for oral cancer diagnosis Details   PDF
Dahal S, Agrawal NK, Shrestha L.
Vol. 37, Issue 1,April 2015 Comparison of Axillary Temperature with Oral Temperature and Determination of Optimum Placement Time of Thermometer in Adults of Teaching Hospital, Nepal Details   PDF
Sharma M, Gautam R, Neupane B.
Vol. 36, Issue 1, April 2014 Comparison of Blood Culture and Single Slide Agglutination Widal Test for the Diagnosis of Enteric Fever Details   PDF
Shrestha D, Kalakheti U Shrestha M, Shrestha S Shrestha P, Acharya J
Vol 30, Issue 1, April 2008 Comparison of carcass and lingual examination for the diagnosis of porcine cysticercosis in Nepal Details   PDF
D. D. Joshi, K. R. Pandey P. Dorny, P. R. Bista, J. Vercruysse
Volume 27 Issue 3, 2005 Comparison of core and surface cultures in recurrent tonsillitis Details   PDF
M. Bista, B. K. Sinha, R. C. M. Amatya, N. R. Tuladhar, B. M. Pokharel
JIOM Vol 39, Issue 1, April 2017 Comparison of Different Estimating Equations for Prediction of Glomerular Filtration Rate in Living Kidney Donors Details   PDF
Poudyal S, Pradhan M, Chapagain S, Luitel BR, Chalise PR, Sharma UK, Gyawali PR1
Vol 33. Issue 2. August 2011 Comparison of hearing results between the averages of three and four speech frequencies in Type 3 Tympanoplasty Details   PDF
Shrestha BL Gurung U Bhattarai H
JIOM Vol.39,Issue3,December2017 Comparison of hemodynamics and LMA insertion conditions using combination of Ketamine-Propofol, Fentanyl-Propofol or Saline- Propofol Details   PDF
Koirala M, Acharya SP, Pradhan B, Marhatta MN, Bhattarai AS, Parajuli BD
Vol. 35, Issue 2, August, 2013 Comparison of oral misoprostol with intravenous oxytocin for induction of labour in premature rupture of membranes Details   PDF
Maskey S, Singh M, Rawal S
Vol.38, Issue 1, April 2016 Comparison of preoperative and postoperative corneal astigmatism after phacoemulsification through a 2.8mm clear corneal temporal incision. Details   PDF
Joshi SN, Pant M, Rijal S, Bhattarai D
Vol. 36, Issue 2, August 2014 Comparison of Subjective Global Assessment and Nutritional Risk Index on Outcome after Abdominal Surgery Details   PDF
Gupta DK, Sharma MR, Ghimire B, Vaidya P
JIOM Vol. 35, Issue 3, December 2013 Complications of warfarin in post operative heart valve surgery Details   PDF
Pradhan N, Bhandari NR, Bharati L
Volume 28 Issue 1, 2006 Computers for Doctors Details   PDF
P.R. Shankar, D.K. Upadhyay
Volume 28 Issue 1, 2006 Concomitant rectal and uterovaginal prolapse in the community Details   PDF
sudip A. Rana, G. Gurung, K.D. Bista, A. Amatya, A.B. Joshi, J.Sayami, M.L. Shrestha, P. Mishra
Vol 30, Issue 1, April 2008 Congenital anomalies in the rural areas of Kolar District of Karnataka Details   PDF
A. K. S. Bilodi, M. R. Gangadhar
JIOM Vol 39, Issue 1, April 2017 Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy in Kathmandu Valley Details   PDF
Prasai S, K.C. N
Volume 21 Number 1 & 2 Jan-Mar/Apr-Jun 1999 Conservatively managed puerperal retroperitoneal haematoma Details   PDF
Dr. A. Rana, Dr. M. Singh, Dr. R. Jha, Dr. S. Verma
Vol 29, Issue 3, December, 2007 Consumption of rodenticides by humans Details   PDF
P. V. Kishore, S. Palaian M. Prabhu, P. Mishra
Vol 33. Issue 2. August 2011 Continuous education for physicians Details   PDF
Dr.Ramesh Kant Adhikari
Vol.29, Issue 2, August 2007 Controversies in acute pancreatitis Details   PDF
M. Khakurel
Vol.38, Issue 1, April 2016 Co-relation between Non-specific Knee Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis Details   PDF
Humagain M, Paudel S, Hengwoju S
Vol.38, Issue 1, April 2016 Correlation between Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) and Sonographic Findings in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Details   PDF
Neupane NP, Lohani B
Vol. 38,Issue 2-3,August-December 2016 Correlation of Bacteriuria and Pyuria among the suspected cases of Urinary Tract Infection in Kathmandu University Hospital Details   PDF
Sherchan JB, Karkee P, Wenju S
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