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Volume 27 Issue2 , 2005 Acinetobacter spc. : A major isolates of nosocomial infection's clinical significance and antimicrobial susceptibility. Details   PDF
G. Ghimire, J.K.G. Magar, S. Bhattachary and T. M. Mahapatra
Vol. 37, Issue 3, December 2015 Acquisition of history taking, physical examination and communication skills through early clinical exposure among pre-clinical students Details   PDF
Khanal S, Bhusal M, Sigdel MR, Bajracharya SR
VOL 31 ISSUE 3 DECEMBER 2009 Acute acalculous cholecystitis and gall bladder perforation induced by Salmonella enterica serovar typhi Details   PDF
N.S.Khatri,S.Koirala,A.Arjyal P.Maskey,S.Poudel,A.Karkey O.Shilpakar,K.Shrestha,B. Basnyat
Vol. 37, Issue 2, August 2015 Acute coronary syndrome and cardiac biomarkers Details   PDF
B Dali
Vol 29, Issue 3, December, 2007 Acute renal failure following chorioamnionitis Details   PDF
G. Gurung, A. Rana, J. Shrestha, A. Amatya
Volume 25 Number 3 & 4 Jul-Sep/Oct-Dec 2003 Acute Retinal Necrosis Syndrome: A case report Details   PDF
J K Shrestha, N Tsering
Volume 26 Issue 3, 2004 Acute Retinal Necrosis Syndrome: A case report Details   PDF
J K Shrestha, N Tsering
Volume 20 Number 3 & 4 July-Sep/Oct-Dec 1998 Acute tuberculous mastoiditis Details   HTML
Dr. DK Baskota, Dr. BK Sinha
Vol 30, Issue 1, April 2008 Acute urinary retention due to huge cervical myoma with abdomino-vaginal extensions Details   PDF
A. Rana, G. Gurung, N. Ojha, B.Anand, S. Amatya, S. Poudel, S. Sharma, R. Mandal
Vol 30, Issue 2, August 2008 Acute urinary retention in pyometra secondary to endocervical adenocarcinoma Details   PDF
G. Gurung, N. Ojha, A. Amatya A. Rana, V. Tiwari, S. Amatya
Volume 20 Number 3 & 4 July-Sep/Oct-Dec 1998 Advanced secondary abdominal pregnancy Details   HTML
Ashma Rana, Meeta Singh
Vol29, Issue 1, April 2007 Age related study of serum lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status Details   PDF   PDF
M. Adak, S. Nazri
Volume 22 Number 1 & 2 Jan-Mar/Apr-Jun 2000 Alfa-Lipoic Acid - a useful antioxidant Details   HTML
J Pramanik, NR Biswas
Volume 28 Issue 1, 2006 All drugs are poisons at a higher dose - acute paracetamol poisoning Details   PDF
S. Palaian, P. R. Shankar, R. Paudel, M. Prabhu, P. Mishra
Vol.38, Issue 1, April 2016 Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis with massive hemoptysis mimicking pulmonary tuberculosis Details   PDF
Paudel K, Adhikari S, Pant P
Vol 36, issue 3, december 2014 Ameloglyphics: A Novel Appraisal of the Enamel Structure in Identification of an individual Details   PDF
Dahal S, Boaz K, Srikant N, Agrawal NK
Volume 34 ISSUE 1 APRIL 2012 An Adolescent with innumerable myomas Details   PDF
Baral J., Gurung G., Mishra S. Rai N. , Paudyal P. Shrestha B. , Rana A.
Vol 31 issue 2 Auguest 2009 An aid to houseman interns by Prof. C. L. Bhattachan Details   PDF
Mahesh Khakurel
Volume 22 Number 1 & 2 Jan-Mar/Apr-Jun 2000 An assessment of finacial and social cost of alcohol use Details   HTML
NR Koirala, UK Sinha, VD Sharma, A Khali A Pokhrel, SC Sharma
Volume 27 Issue 3, 2005 An awareness study of HIV/AIDS among adolescent students of Chitwan district, Nepal Details   PDF
S. K. Singh, N. Manandhar, M. Prasai, S. Patowary, G. Krishna
Volume 28 Issue 1, 2006 An effective short duration postoperative catheterization after vaginal hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair. Details   PDF
P. R. Pant
Vol29, Issue 1, April 2007 An epidemiological study of Cyclospora cayetanensis in Nepalese people Details   PDF
J. B. Sherchand, J. B. Sherchand, J. H. Cross
Volume 22 Number 3 & 4 Jul-Sep/Oct-Dec 2000 An Exploratory Study of Emotional and behavioral Problems in Physically Disabled Children and Adolescents Details   HTML
SP Ojha, Mk Nepal, SK Regmi, A Khalid, N CK Gurung
Vol 31 issue 2 Auguest 2009 An obstacle for alcohol abstinence Details   PDF
D. Shakya R Shakya
Vol.29, Issue 2, August 2007 An unusual case of obstructive jaundice Details   PDF
P. Sharma, A. Subedee, H. Khadka, S. Pradhan, B. Lohani, B. R. Joshi, S. Paudel
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