Awareness Regarding Hypertension among Adults in a Community of Bhaktapur, Nepal

  • Sanju Pokhrel
  • Tulza KC
Keywords: Adults, awareness, hypertension


Hypertension is a common global health problem with significant morbidity and mortality. Various
preventive life style practices play significant role in controlling it. The objective of this study was to
identify awareness regarding hypertension among the adult people in a community of Bhaktapur.
The descriptive cross- sectional study was conducted among 138 adults aged 20-59 residing in Bhaktapur,
selected through non probability purposive sampling technique. The data was collected by face to face
interview method through semi structured questionnaire. Data was analyzed by using descriptive and
inferential statistics.
The study showed that 58.7% of adults had adequate awareness regarding hypertension. About 35.5%
knew the range of value of high blood pressure and nearly half (47.8%) answered heart as the organ
primarily related to hypertension. 96.4% replied that stress is a risk factor of hypertension. 92% specified
headache as main symptom and only 31.9% knew about the asymptomatic nature of hypertension. 81.9%
were aware that management includes all medicine, diet and exercise. 98.6% mentioned about restricting
alcohol for controlling and 93.2% mentioned heart attack as the complication of hypertension.
The study concluded that only half of adults have adequate awareness regarding hypertension. It also
showed that there is statistically significant association of awareness level with age, religion, educational
status, occupation, economic status, family history and diagnosis of hypertension. Thus, it could be
recommended that health personnel should provide education and information covering all aspects of
hypertension to adults residing in community.

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